Fish Photos

Big Rock Caught aboard the “Retriever” – 2005 – Above
We have an all time record for Rockfish on board the “Retriever”. The fish was caught near Parkers Creek in 38ft of water on a Chartreuse Tandem Rig. The leader on the parachute lure broke just as the net slipped under the fish. The fish’s small sandpaper like teeth chafed it until it broke. The official size is 39lbs 4oz. 45.5″ overall length. 43.25″ length to the “v” of the tail. The fish was reeled in by a guest on our boat, Lem Richmond. Mike Beans landed the fish. The crew pictured are Mike Beans, Rick Warren, Lou Linetty, Chris Linetty. We entered the fish in the MSSA spring tournament and are waiting for the final results of the tournament. The best position we can obtain is 9th place out of 700+ boats and 1st or 2nd in our local MSSA Frederick Chapter.


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